West Central Workforce Development Board Committees

Executive Committee – comprising of the four officers, the past Chair and up to five additional WDB members selected by the WDB chairperson. The Executive Committee will act as the liaison to the Local Elected Officials (Governing Board), are empowered to act on time-sensitive issues between WDB meetings, and its members usually chair various WDB subcommittees. The Executive Committee will also oversee the Community Outreach strategies for the WDB and CareerLinks.

Training & Services Review Committee – will make recommendations on how core, intensive and training services are delivered through each CareerLink, for adults, dislocated workers and older youth. This committee will make recommendations on how to allocate program funds between Individual Training Accounts (ITAs), On-the-Job Training (OJTs), Employer Based Customized Training and Supportive Services. The committee will be responsible for updates to the occupational demand list, review the list of eligible training providers, set criteria, review and make recommendations on various non-youth Request For Proposals (RFPs).

One Stop/Operations Committee – The purpose of the One Stop Committee will be to recommend a strategic approach to connecting community organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to the public one stop workforce system.

Employer Engagement Committee – The purpose of the Employer Engagement Committee will be to recommend a strategic approach to heightening the greater employer/business community to workforce development and the benefits of participating in growing America’s labor force.

Youth Committee – The purpose of the Youth Committee will be to recommend a strategic approach to reaching out and reintegrating Out of School Youth to the world of work and focusing In-school youth on careers and opportunities for employment sustainability.