West Central Job Partnership Administrative Offices

217 West State Street
Third Floor
Sharon, PA 16146

724-347-2109 FAX


West Central Job Partnership Staff Directory

Administrative Office
217 West State Street, Third Floor, Sharon, PA 16146
Staff:                                                                               Telephone: (724) 347-7855
Joni Cummins, Finance Assistant x 309
Gregg Dogan, Chief Financial Officer x 310
Debra Donahue, Program Director x 312
Samuel Giannetti, Executive Director of Workforce Development x 311
Eric Karmecy, Oh-Penn Pathways to Competitiveness Project Manager x 313
Rebecca Moder, Oh-Penn Pathways to Competitiveness PA Coordinator x 303
Cyndi Myers, Finance Assistant x 308
Heather Ratvasky, Data Manager x 301
Michelle Sallmen, Administrative Assistant x 300