West Central Workforce Development Board Committees

Executive/Fiscal Committee – comprising of the four officers, the past Chair and up to five additional WDB members selected by the WDB chairperson. The Executive/Fiscal Committee will act as the liaison to the Local Elected Officials (Governing Board), are empowered to act on time-sensitive issues between WDB meetings, and its members usually chair various WDB subcommittees. The Executive Committee will also oversee the Community Outreach strategies for the WDB and PA CareerLink® centers and represent a mechanism for local workforce development boards to increase the level of local coordination and responsible use of the multiple grants associated with WIOA’s required programs, develop local board budgets, and identifying resources to leverage support for workforce development activities.

Youth Committee – represents a mechanism for local boards to coordinate area-wide youth services, assist with planning, and oversee operational youth programs. A youth standing committee can serve as the architect in designing and building comprehensive youth services at the local level.  The committee will make recommendations to the Board concerning WIOA youth programs, and special youth projects like the TANF Youth.  The Youth Standing Committee will review youth RFPs and identify programs and providers of youth services.  The Youth Standing Committee will explore innovative strategies to communicate and coordinate the WIOA/TANF youth programs with the other programs currently in existence in the local two county area.

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